The reason why USB3.0 optical fiber is popular with users

Time :2022-04-11 09:14Author :Hangalaxy

Since data transmission requires the use of various communication lines, among many communication lines, optical fiber lines are the most commonly used one. Because of the fast propagation speed of optical fiber lines, fiber optic lines are one of the most commonly used communication lines. kind of equipment. At present, many users want to buy products from a wide variety of USB3.0 fiber optic cable manufacturers, and the reason why so many people want to buy these products is mainly because the USB3.0 fiber optic cable has the following features: distinct features.
1. Fast transmission speed, long transmission distance, no loss, no delay
Compared with ordinary fiber optic cables, the well-known USB3.0 fiber optic cable has a high propagation speed and a very long distance. In addition, the regular USB3.0 fiber optic cable has strong anti-interference ability, so in the process of propagation, there will be no signal attenuation and delay, so it is an ideal communication device.
2. Plug and play, the cable is soft and stable
A wide variety of USB3.0 fiber optic cables is a product with relatively high technology content among fiber optic cables at present. This product can be plug-and-play, and can support hot swapping, and has a corresponding over-power protection system. It can be used with a dedicated driver. At present, the well-received USB3.0 fiber optic cable can be powered through the standard USB interface. The cable itself is relatively thin and soft. In addition, the USB3.0 fiber optic cable has fewer interfaces, so it is very stable during transmission. Good, so it is an optical fiber material worth choosing.
To sum up, the USB3.0 fiber optic cable has the characteristics of high propagation speed and long propagation distance, and in the process of propagation, it has strong anti-interference ability, and there will be no attenuation and delay. Therefore, the variety A variety of USB3.0 optical fibers have good stability, and this type of USB optical fiber cable can be plug-and-play, light in weight, and very convenient to construct. These are the main features of regular USB3.0 optical fiber cables.