The largest film level intelligent virtual studio in China

Time :2023-09-27 18:29Author :Hangalaxy

Hangalaxy provides 4K / 8K signal transmission for China's largest film-level intelligent virtual production studio

The largest intelligent virtual film studio in China, located in Wuxi National Digital Film Industrial Park, covers an area of 3000 square meters. The studio features the largest arc wide angle giant screen in China, with ultra high resolution and ultra wide color gamut. It is 44 meters long, 10 meters high, 23 meters in diameter, and has a screen area of 440 square meters. The screen is composed of 1760 LED boxes with a dot spacing of 2.84 millimeters and a remote control system. The screen refresh rate is as high as 7680Hz, the output color depth reaches 16 bits, and the resolution is as high as 16K * 3.5K.
The largest film level smart virtual studio project in China is another important successful project of the Hangalaxy brand in 2023. Hangalaxy brand 8K HDMI Active Optical Cable with a resolution of 7680* 4320@60Hz , bandwidth rate 48Gbps; The bandwidth rate of the 4K SDI cable is 12Gbps. As the supplier of high-definition audio and video signal transmission equipment for China's largest film grade smart virtual studio, Hangalaxy brand uses 8K HDMI fiber optic cable and 4K SDI cable to provide 4K/8K signal transmission for China's largest film grade smart virtual studio.

Part of the wiring construction site for China's largest film grade intelligent virtual filming studio