Case study of Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence

Time :2024-04-25 10:37Author :Hangalaxy

Case study of Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The project of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute is another beautiful business card of the Hangalaxy fiber optic transmission case. The project specifies Hangalaxy brand fiber optic transmission products for the entire 4K fiber optic transmission line.
The Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, abbreviated as AIRS, is one of the top ten basic research institutions established by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Through advisors, academic and industry committees composed of academicians and top experts from the Chinese Academy of Surgery, it focuses on conducting basic, common, and key technology research on artificial intelligence and robots.
The AIRS theme screen, intelligent material cloud platform, big data and epidemic prevention and control, intelligent cloud computing and visual visualization content of the Internet of Things in the research institute, with the support of AI and AR technology, have built a grand blueprint for technology empowering the construction of smart cities, allowing every visitor to vividly perceive the integration and innovation of high-tech cross-border, bringing convenience and happiness to people's lives.
The Hangalaxy brand's 4K fiber optic transmission products have made their debut in the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Institute project with professional cores, craftsmanship, and reliable quality. They pay tribute to AIRS with their high stability and compatibility of high-quality transmission performance, and combine the appropriate 4K fiber optic transmission power with AI and AR technologies, allowing experts and scholars from home and abroad to witness the wonderful visual feast presented by the Shenzhen artificial intelligence trend.
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