4K Video Audio Signal Transmission Technology SDVoE

Time :2024-04-26 17:37Author :Hangalaxy

SDVoE (Software defined Video over Ethernet) is a technology that enables video, audio, and control signal transmission based on standard Ethernet technology. It can support video transmission with up to 4K resolution and has the following major characteristics:
1. High quality video transmission: SDVoE technology supports 4K resolution and also supports technologies such as HDR and WCG, achieving zero latency video transmission without losing image quality.
2. Low latency transmission: SDVoE technology adopts hardware acceleration and uses specialized SDVoE chips to achieve video compression and decompression processes, greatly reducing the latency of video transmission.
3. High bandwidth and high reliability: SDVoE technology uses standard Ethernet transceivers for data transmission, with a maximum bandwidth of nearly 100Gbps, and can carry a large amount of audiovisual media data. In addition, in terms of network topology, SDVoE technology supports various common network topologies such as star and tree, as well as redundancy mechanisms, providing high reliability data transmission guarantees.
4. Flexibility: SDVoE technology can be flexibly applied to various scenarios and devices, such as digital signage, medical imaging, educational informatization, and other fields. It provides a standard software interface, allowing users to freely choose the connection method and software configuration between SDVoE devices.
5. Compatibility: SDVoE technology is based on open standards and adopts many standardized protocols and technologies, such as IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3, HDMI, etc. This can ensure that SDVoE technology is compatible with other different data network technologies, allowing it to be integrated with existing network devices and systems, reducing costs.
The resolution and maximum transmission distance of SDVoE transmission technology depend on the network equipment and environment used. Generally speaking, SDVoE can also support multiple resolutions, including high-resolution video transmission such as 4K and 8K. SDVoE can achieve high-definition video transmission up to 100 meters within a local area network (LAN). If a longer transmission distance is required, it can be achieved through dedicated network equipment or the use of fiber optics.
Overall, SDVoE video and audio signal transmission technology is a networked video distribution technology standard that uses standard Ethernet networks to transmit lossless video signals. It has advantages such as high quality, low latency, high reliability, flexibility, and compatibility, and is suitable for various complex video transmission scenarios and application needs such as large conferences, digital signage, education, and healthcare. For customers with higher requirements and specific application scenarios, suitable active fiber optic cables such as 4K/8K HDMI can also be selected according to the actual situation. How to choose the appropriate 4K/8K HDMI active fiber optic cable? For more details, please contact Hangalaxy brand business.