Differences between optical HDMI lines and normal HDMI lines

Time :2022-05-10 17:32Author :Hangalaxy

As an optical communication company, Hangalaxy specializes in professional transmission equipment for long-distance ultra-high-definition signals, and solves the problem of long-distance transmission of high-bandwidth and ultra-high-definition signals. Since the beginning of 2014, Hangalaxy is the first to launch 8K and 4K optical fiber transmission solutions with highly integrated HDMI/DVI/DP/USB3.0 and other interfaces in the audio and video industry market, and the products are highly respected by engineers. At present, Hangalaxy has become a warehouse supplier for many well-known domestic enterprises such as Huawei. For old customers who have been using Hangalaxy professional optical fiber transmission lines (HDMI optical fiber cable, DVI optical fiber cable, DP optical fiber cable, USB3.0 optical fiber cable) for a long time, no matter how complicated the construction environment is, Hangalaxy optical fiber transmission line High stable performance and convenient construction are the biggest advantages to make them feel at ease and worry, so the more important and high-end projects are, the more they will choose Hangalaxy professional optical fiber transmission line. For some new customers who have not used Hangalaxy professional optical fiber transmission line, they are more curious about Hangalaxy professional optical fiber transmission line and ordinary HDMI cables, DVI cables and other transmission cables on the market Compared, what are the specific differences, and what are the advantages of the professional level? Let's talk about the specific differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two:
1. The cores are different
Hangalaxy fiber optic HDMI cable, DVI cable, DP cable, USB3.0, etc. use optical fiber core and glass fiber material. The ordinary HDMI cable uses copper core wire, of course, there are also upgraded versions such as silver-plated copper and pure silver wire. Different materials determine the huge difference between optical HDMI cables and conventional HDMI cables in their respective fields. For example, the Hangalaxy fiber optic cable is very thin, light, and soft, and can be normally transmitted around a pencil. The conventional copper-core HDMI cable is thick, heavy, hard, and has a large bending radius.