Hangalaxy shows you the characteristics of optical fiber jum

Time :2022-05-18 14:03Author :Hangalaxy

Optical fiber patch cord is a kind of patch cord used for optical fiber equipment to optical fiber wiring link. It has low insertion loss, good repeatability, high return loss, good inter-insertion performance, good temperature stability, strong tensile performance, The thicker protective layer is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the optical cable terminal box. It is often used in optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber access networks, optical fiber data transmission, and local area networks. What are the types of fiber patch cords? What is the difference?

Optical fiber jumpers are mainly divided into these two types: Single-mode optical fiber jumpers: Generally, the optical fiber jumper is yellow, and its connector and its protective sleeve are blue respectively; the transmission distance is relatively long. Multimode fiber jumper: Generally, the fiber jumper is orange, and some are gray, and its connectors and protective sleeves are beige or black; the transmission distance is relatively short. Optical fiber jumpers can be divided into common silicon-based single-mode and multi-mode jumpers according to different transmission media, as well as other optical fiber jumpers that use plastic as the transmission medium; according to the type of optical fiber connector: FC jumper, SC Jumper, ST jumper, LC jumper, MTRJ jumper, MPO jumper, MU jumper, SMA jumper, FDDI jumper, E2000 jumper, DIN4 jumper, D4 jumper and so on. The more common fiber jumpers can also be divided into FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, SC-ST, etc.
The characteristics of optical fiber jumpers: 1. Large return loss; 2. Good inter-insertion performance. Today, with the increasing development of modern communication, optical fiber jumper products are widely used in: communication room, fiber-to-the-home, local area network, optical fiber sensor, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber connection transmission equipment, national defense combat readiness, etc. It is suitable for cable television network, telecommunication network, computer optical fiber network and optical test equipment.
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