Hangalaxy has won the trusted fiber optic transmission brand

Time :2024-04-25 15:50Author :Hangalaxy

At the end of 2023, another encouraging news came:  Hangalaxy once again won the "Trusted Fiber Optic Transmission Brand" award with customer recognized quality transmission.
Quality is created by the heart, craftsmanship is born from love
The award, a trusted fiber optic transmission brand by engineering companies, is the honor, trust, and love that customers give to Hangalaxy, and it is also the driving force for Hangalaxy's innovation and progress. Since the beginning of 2014, Hangalaxy Hangalaxy has creatively introduced advanced transmission technology and media in the field of optical communication into the audio and video industry. It has launched telecommunications grade fiber optic transmission lines with highly integrated HDMI/DVI/DP/USB3.0 interfaces to transmit 4K/8K signals up to 15m-300m in the market. Each set of lines and products is not only a specific resolution and qualification rate, but also a reflection of Hangalaxy's warm professional attitude and brand culture implanted in it. It is a pursuit of the ultimate enterprising spirit, a lively and warm person full of love, not seeking profit, but also adhering to their original intention. No change. Quality can withstand the tempering of time, and all beauty comes from the scrutiny of details. This is the unwavering brand values of Hangalaxy.
Amidst the scorching glory, Huaguang Yu can forge ahead and deepen its cultivation, dedicating itself to precision work and delivering excellence to the good. On the path of pursuing glory, we adhere to our ideals, continuously expand our market applications, and actively cultivate a reserve force for the industry to apply what we have learned.
The picture shows some scenes of the 5th Beijing University Student Optical Communication Product Engineering Practice Competition held in late October at the Hangalaxy Industry University Research and Application Engineering Practice Base of North China University of Technology. Since 2017, Hangalaxy, along with major universities in Beijing such as North China University of Technology, Beijing University of Information Technology, Beijing University of Business and Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Beijing Institute of Petrochemical, has held an annual optical communication product engineering practice competition for undergraduate students majoring in electronic information. It has been held for five times so far.
The year 2024 is approaching, with new situations and developments.Hangalaxy will work hard and practice far, actively building a service platform driven by brand development and innovation, anchoring market demand and injecting new cores into key innovation directions.