Hangalaxy Knowledge Sharing—HDMI and DP

Time :2024-04-29 11:49Author :Hangalaxy

Introduction to HDMI

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital video and sound transmission interface that can send uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used for set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, televisions, game consoles, amplifiers, digital audio and television devices, and more. HDMI can simultaneously send audio and video signals, greatly simplifying the installation difficulty of system circuits as both signals use the same cable.

The difference between DP interface and HDMI interface:
1. Differences in technical support:
AMD multi screen splicing technology requires a DisplayPort interface. Users need to connect to display devices that support this interface through a DisplayPort data cable to become the main display for three screen splicing, and it must be directly connected to the DisplayPort interface without any form of conversion.
2. Differences in bandwidth support:
The current HDMI 1.3 interface can support signal transmission with a bandwidth of approximately 10.2Gbps, while the DisplayPort interface can transmit signals with a bandwidth of 10.8Gbps, showing significant advantages. With its ultra-high bandwidth advantage, DisplayPort can easily support ultra-high resolution displays such as 2560 x 1600.
3. Differences in production costs among manufacturers:
DP interface technology is free, and the latest DisplayPort interface does not require an annual membership fee like HDMI interface, nor does it require payment for every product containing HDMI interface like HDMI interface. It is truly completely royalty free. Therefore, the DisplayPort interface has received strong support from numerous internationally renowned manufacturers.
Since 2014, Huaguang Yuneng Hangalaxy has been promoting the use of 4K 10-300m HDMI1.4 fiber optic transmission lines in the domestic audio and video industry. Since the promotion of 8K 10-30m HDMI2.1 fiber optic transmission lines in Beijing Infocomm in 2018, the frame rate and bandwidth of Huaguang Yuneng Hangalaxy's HDMI fiber optic lines have undergone continuous upgrades, and the products are widely used in various national, provincial, and municipal engineering projects