Fiber Optical Patch Cables

Hangalaxy can provide a full range of fiber optic cables and fiber optic connectors customized according to customer needs. From single-core optical connectors to high-density multi-core optical connectors, Hangalaxy's  Fiber Optical Products meet or exceed all industrial standards in insertion loss and echo loss. Strictly control the process of optical fiber and connector insertion, assembly and polishing to ensure excellent connection performance with exquisite manufacturing process.


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► Fiber Optical Patch Cables

Fiber Optical Connector is a pluggable component between two optical communications equipments, which can align two ends of equipment fibers critically and transmit the maximum optical signal from transmitting terminal fiber to receiving terminal fiber. Type: SC, LC, FC, ST, MU, E2000, MT-RJ.


► Features & Benefits:

1. Low Insertion Loss;

2. High Echo Loss;

3. Wide Operation Temperature;

4. High Stability and Reliability;

5.Telcordia GR-326 Compliance.

6. YD/T-1272 (TLC Product Certificate) Compliance.