Type-C AOC transmission system

Hangalaxy brand Type-C to Type-C Active Optical Cable
Active optical fiber lines (AOC) use optical fibers instead of copper wires as high-speed signal transmission media, which can perfectly transmit signals
Input USB3.1 Gen-I, USB 2.0, and 2-channel DP 1.4 data to ensure excellent signal quality
Quantity, good resistance to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference. Bandwidth rate USB3.0: 5Gbps; USB 2.0:
480Mbps; DP1.4x2, 8.1Gbps * 2, maximum transmission distance of 20m, 30W. Communicate with others
Compared to traditional copper wires, Type-C AOC is softer, lighter, and thinner, with more stable signal transmission and longer transmission distance
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