Brief Overview 
The 8K HDMI2.1 AOC HD/2.1-S series from Hangalaxy brand is an active optical cable with high bandwidth and low power consumption.
Using optical fiber instead of copper cable as the high-speed signal transmission medium, it can transmit 8K@60HZ ultra-high-definition images to 100 meters without loss.
Compared with traditional copper cable, our HD/2.1-S series active optical fiber cables have the 
advantages of longer, thinner, softer, better signal quality, no radiation and no electromagnetic interference.
Compared with other HDMI fiber optic transmission solutions, HD/2.1-S series fiber optic cables 
have the advantages of convenient use, good compatibility, and no need for external power supply.

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 Keyed Characteristic 

1.Design for transmitting the 8K@60Hz Ultra HD display signal in lossless way for long distance.
2. Performance increases by 70% compared to the traditional copper cable.
3. With support 3D, HDCP 1.4/2.2/2.3, Dynamic HDR VRR.
4. Plug and Play, no extra power supply required.
5. The optoelectronic module is encapsulated in a metal fully shielded inner shell, which is highly resistant to 
electromagnetic radio frequency interference and has excellent anti-interference characteristics.
6. which slows down the aging and damage of fragile optical components, and has a longer service life. The length is 32.3mm, which is convenient for cabling through pipes.
7. Cable allowable tensile force: ≤130N (long-term) / ≤230N (short-term).