national level "enjoy ice and enjoy snow"

Time :2017-12-30 10:20Author :Hangalaxy

Please enjoy the wonderful project case of Hangalaxy.

As a national project, the 2017-2018 national ice and snow show conference was held in Heilongjiang. It is a big and amazing ice & snow show, which attract most people’s attention.

The ice&snow Holography show uses 12K chip, 660 second core technology, and the whole transmission system adopts Hangalaxy brand product. The most challange technology is the hard and cold working environment, it is -20℃. All the projection equipment and transmission cable work stablely. The audience have the most beautiful moment of experience.

The ice & snow Holography gives a perfect memory at end of 2017.Hangalaxy will present more projects in the coming years.
Come on, 2018!