Immersive high - end experience restaurant diagnosis

Time :2017-07-25 10:20Author :Hangalaxy

Shenzhen,a immersive high-end experience restaurant (see below),opened four months,the projector signal has been repeatedly repeated the situation:

First,the initial boot run everything is normal, half an hour later,the projector signal after another black or blue screen.

Second,as long as the switch electric curtains,adjacent to two projectors immediately blue screen.

Three is 12 projectors,of which nine almost every day fixed outbreak of blue screen,as if got cold and heat syndrome.

The picture shows a Shenzhen immersive high-end experience restaurant

At that time,friends introduced to us in the past to help diagnose.We went to the scene to see,the projector signal transmission distance of nearly 30 meters,12 projectors are using HDMI network extender.

The cabinet with cables is shown in the picture

After on-site confirmation, we have formulated new measures:
Problem 1: network extension heat caused by unstable signal transmission;

problen 2: electric curtain motor to start, resulting in electromagnetic interference, affecting the link stability.

The solution is simple, is to remove the original restaurant all HDMI network extender:
12 1.5 meters HDMI copper +12 network extender transmitter +12 socket +12 power +12 30 meters cable +12 network extension to the receiver +12 power +12 1.5 meters HDMI copper +2 ten row of +12 Wire thirty meters.

All replaced by Hangalaxy HDMI transmission program, using Hangalaxy brand 12 (20 meters +30 meters) HDMI cable.

Since then, this immersion high-end experience restaurant finally "vista" spring breeze, vividly presented for the VIP fashion, art and pleasure to enjoy. The maintenance engineer also showed a satisfied smile.